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AaaZ Global Trade is a world-renowned Manufacturer & Exporter of Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice in the Kolkata region of India. Established in the year 2008 and located at Kolkata, District - West Bengal (India), we are engaged in milling, processing & supply of finest qualities of Basmati Rice in the form of Raw, Steam, Sella/ Parboiled & Golden Sella Rice to worldwide. AaaZ Global Trade is an USFDA-approved company having ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, GMP, HALAL, KOSHER & FSSAI certifications as well in production and supply.

We have a well-equipped hygienic rice mill with a final production capacity of 200 MT per day/ 5000 MT per month from 03 automatic production units. The units are equipped with advanced processing, quality control, packaging, and warehousing units which work in close coordination to cater to the rising needs of our clients across the globe

We also have excellent 25,000 MT storage facilities, which allow us to stock rice in high quantities & under hygienic conditions which further helps us in the timely delivery of consignments. Aiming at client satisfaction and guaranteeing the finest quality in every grain, we undertake stringent quality checks and ensure they meet international standards.


We are exporting finest Indian rice to Europe, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Erbil, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Australia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus & many more countries. Our rice is internationally appreciated for their superfine kernels, high quality, freshness and longer shelf life. Above all, its exquisite aroma and rich flavor enhances the taste of the cuisines

Basic Information

Nature of Business         - Manufacturer, Processor & Exporter

Year of Establishment      - 2008

Products                        - Basmati & Non Basmati Rice

Factory Address             - 64/3A Mansatala Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal (India)

Production Line              - 03 (Automatic)

Production Capacity       - 5,000 Metric Tons Monthly

No. of Warehouse         - 05

Warehouse Capacity      - 25,000 Metric Tons

Annual Turnover            - Rs. 125 Crore or US$ 15 million Approx.

Export Percentage          - 70-80%

Main Overseas Market   - Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,
                                  Yemen, USA, EUROPE, QATAR, BAHRAIN, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel.

Nearest Port                 - Kolkata Port Trust, West Bengal (India)

Ownership Type            - Partnership Firm LLP

PAN                            - ABVFA5704F

GSTIN                         - 19ABVFA5704F1Z7

Export & Import Code    - ARLPA4591Q

Terms Of Trade

Payment Condition

Delivery Terms

Advance T T



Send us your requirement - Use inquiry form on our website or e-mail us at  info@aaazglobaltrade.com or connect on WhatsApp at  +91 900 733 2786

We will send you the estimate - We shall send you the best quotation based on the CAD, FOB or CIF.

Verbal communication - A formal verbal session is arranged either on phone, in person or through chat to confirm and finalise the order.

Payment - You can make the payment as per agreed terms by direct bank transfer.

Processing/ Packing - After advance payment confirmation in our bank, we starts working on the order We also. We help you design, develop & distribute your personal brand of quality rice products

Dispatch - After packing, the goods get loaded in a container and are dispatched to the shipping port. Shipment reaches the buyer's port first and once all the due payment is cleared, buyer take the delivery of the goods to its destination.

Documents and certificates - We provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Fumigation Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate & Lab Test Report (For Pesticides Free Rice only). Any additional demand of certifications & legalisation will be charged extra (on actual).

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Our Processing Unit

Rice Processing Unit

Advance Processing & Milling

AaaZ Global Trade LLP major manufacturing and processing facility is ideally located at Kolkata, West bengal. The strategic location of plant ensures expeditious transportation of harvested paddy from specially identified collection centers across paddy growing belt of Northern India, thus minimizing transit damage to the delicate grain of rice..

The state-of-art processing plants for rice production have fully mechanized sophisticated processing procedures for different stages like de-moisturizing, temperature controlled drying, cleaning, de-husking, de-stoning, polishing, sorting and grading. In these hi-tech milling plants every stage conforms to international standards and stringent guidelines of process control are meticulously adhered to at every stage to ensure uniformity of grains without destroying fragrance, aroma and basic quality of grain.

Most of the impurities, irrespective of their sizes and nature are completely removed in different stages of the passage of paddy through fork-like vibrating sieve, scalper suction fan and vibrating sieve incorporated in these machines.

Export Packing Plant Drying Plant :

Unique fully automatic & mechanized on-line sensor based temperature controlled gradual drying system, with 12 tonnes per hour drying capacity, ensures consistent & uniform drying of paddy without breaking the delicate rice grain. The process mitigates any scope of fermentation and bacterial / fungal infections, simultaneously preserving its natural aroma.

Parboiling Plant :

The process of parboiling uses processed soft water obtained from water treatment plant. The plant has specially designed soaking bins with sensor based sophisticated controllers for water temperature. The process is far superior than the conventional methods in terms of mitigating development of unwanted smells and ensures hygienic processing of the grain, preserving its fragrance and aroma during the processing. The requirements of soft water for parboiling process are met by an integrated water treatment plant.

Milling Plant :

The three state-of-art milling plants of AaaZ Global Trade. use 21st century technology from Satake of Japan. The online inflow and outflow mechanisms are fully computerized with the help of sensors. The plants have production capacity exceeding 10 tons per hour, and are equipped with number of Pre cleaners, De-stoners, Precision-sizers, Graders, Paddy separators, De-huskers, Magnets etc. The plant premises are environment friendly and fully protected against contamination by foreign particles.

The series of color sorters and multi sorters are installed at AaaZ Global Trade LLP. When the rice is passed through these series of sorting machines it gets free from Glass pieces, plastic granules, foreign material, dust, damaged, discolored and unwanted grain.

Aspirated Rice Huskers :

The series of color sorters and multi sorters are installed at AaaZ Global Trade LLP. When the rice is passed through these series of sorting machines it gets free from Glass pieces, plastic granules, foreign material, dust, damaged, discolored and unwanted grain.

Paddy Separators :

This unit removes paddy from brown rice at capacities and efficiencies that are unmatched in the industry. Its three adjustable-position discharge systems coupled with the adjustable separating tray angle, allows flexibility in producing pure brown rice and paddy products.

Plano - Shifters :

The requirement of high capacity sizers is met by Plano-Shifters, which ensures uniform grading.

Length Graders :

To segregate rice grains of different sizers, AaaZ Global Trade LLP has high capacity graders which ensure on line uniform grading at a comparatively high speed.

Vertical Abrasive Polisher :

The high capacity abrasive whitener offers unmatched efficiency of milling with regard to power savings. Its low milling pressure helps in the maximization of head rice yield, and its ability to function efficiency on both low and hard milling applications makes it an ideal "first break" milling machine.

Colour Sorters :

The series of optical sorting machines are used for operational flexibility & define the shade of colour of the grain, as well as the size of the offending spot. Its computer based monitoring system allows online tracking.